위대한 문명과 거대한 제국의 환상적인 격돌!


High quality graphics with various commander characters to collect and grow Competition between mythologies and civilizations in history

Build a civilization with heroes of the world to become a hero of history

Reinterpretation of history and mythology of civilizations in the East and the West! Make it your own civilization.

VERSUS:Realm War

VERSUS : REALM WAR is a strategy simulation game with
reinterpretation of history and mythology in which different civilizations collide.
Be a monarch of a giant castle and rule the world of VERSUS along with historical figures.
VERSUS : REALM WAR provides high quality graphics, various Commander characters to collect and grow,
and easy-to-learn gameplay. We're always looking forward to serving a great warlord.


Dian Wei

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Zhang Fei

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Lu Meng

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Zhang Jue

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Diao Chan

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Francois Mireur

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Joseph von Daun

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Joasaeng Mwila

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Marie Antoinette

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Meet more heroes and historical figures in the game.

위나라에서 활약한 장수이다.
근력이 매우 뛰어나고 곧은 의지와 절개
협기로 유명했다. 전장에서 위기에 빠진
조조를 구하려다 사망했지만 눈을 부릅뜨고
선 채로 죽어 적들이 주변을 통과하지 못할
정도로 공포에 사로 잡혔다고 한다.


Based on imperial government, this civilization ruled the vast, rich lands of the huge Northeast Asia. They knew how to be in harmony with nature and had a strong military thanks to the abundant natural resources.
Knowing Yin Yang and Five Elements very well, they had a long peace and ruled the continent while serving the Mandate of Heaven.To spread the will of heaven to a broader world, they start to look towards the direction where sun sets.


This strong civilization is full of people who survived full-blooded competitions in feudal society.Collision of different ideas and power only made this civilization stronger, resulting in various political systems.By adopting all means for the progress of human society, they developed highly advanced science and technology.Due to the need for expansion after the rapid growth, the civilization heads towards the direction where sun rises.